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Where We Work

We work at a number of nature reserves and community open spaces across Hastings and Rother.  Some we visit regularly, some only once in a while.

Brede High Wood

B2089 Chitcombe Road between Cripp's Corner and Broad Oak. This is a large nature reserve with several entrances.

Wood yard TQ789208, Western car park TQ794208 or Eastern car park TQ803205 (may vary depending on where we are working)

Cliff End, Pett Level

Junction of Pett Level Road and Toot Rock. Park beside the road, near the white pole. The entrances are off Toot Rock, by the canal, or by a grassy disused tennis court on a track off the main road.

TQ894138 or TQ892136

Flatropers Wood

Bixley Lane, off the A268, Four Oaks, Beckley. This is a rough track, but can be driven with care.


Hastings Country Park

Place Farm off Fairlight Road, or go to the Visitor Centre on Coastguard Lane and ask for directions.

TQ851112 (Place Farm) or TQ860116 (Visitor Centre)

Hooe Common

Mill Lane, off B2095 Hooe Road, Hooe. The entrance is near the end of the lane, through a gate, but with little room to park. There is more room near the start of the lane, opposite the sports field gate.
Alternatively, park in Denbigh Road, near the junction with the B2095 Top Road, and take the footpath down a grassy track, then across the fields.

TQ696104 or TQ694106

Mallydams Wood

Peter James Lane, Fairlight. Look for the RSPCA Mallydams signs.


Marline Valley

Queensway, St Leonards. There are two entrances, both with Public Footpath signs, we could be using either depending on where we are working. Park on the verge or in Napier Road.

Rarely, we may use the entrance from the end of Delaware Drive.

TQ778115 (lower entrance) or TQ783122 (upper entrance).

TQ784128 (Delaware Drive)

Powdermill Wood

Powdermill Lane, between Battle and Catsfield. There is a small car park at the North side of the road. A map in the car park indicates directions to the Trust's woodland.


Rotherfield Nature Reserve

Off B2101 High Cross, Rotherfield. The gate is on the right on entering the drive to a house on the North side of the road.  Please do not park on their drive.  There is a small layby a short distance down the road.

Wainwright Close

Junction of Wainwright Close and Sidney Little Road, in the Churchfields industrial estate, St Leonards.


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